Sol X is a Crypto project with the native token $SOLX and a 'Multi-Chain Telegram Trading Bot'

Why use Sol X?

  • Security: To use the Sol X trading bot there is no need to connect your wallet; just send your tokens from one address and the Sol X Bot will send them to another wallet of your choice.

  • Anonymous Transactions: Choose any address to move your crypto from one Block Chain (Network) to another.

  • Cross-Chain Swaps: Easily move your assets or convert them from one token to another or Block Chain to another.

  • Large trades: As Sol X uses centralized exchanges to facilitate swaps, there is really no limit to the amount that you can swap, unlike other similar platforms that have such limitations.

  • Strong community: We value community and welcome anyone to join our chat to share positive vibes and help each other on their journey to financial freedom.

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